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Vacancy Details

Job No: KTRH/18/05/24 ( 3 positions)

Date posted: 09-05-2024

Application deadline: 21-05-2024

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Purpose: Provide general medical services to patients in the hospital; ensure provision of quality and timely medical services, quality patient care and medical counselling. The Senior Medical Officer will be responsible for a Section within the Directorate of Clinical Services that requires a section head.

For Appointment to this position, the applicant must have:

Qualifications and Professional Requirements:

i. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from a recognized university;
ii. Completed one (1) year medical internship;
iv. At least one-year working experience in the capacity of a Medical Officer;
v. Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Medicine will be an added advantage;
vi. Must have a Certificate in basic life support and Advanced Cardiac life support
vii. Evidence of leadership or supervisory experience will be an added advantage
viii. Good computer skills;
ix. Knowledge of relevant legislations as well as professional standards;
x. Proven track record of clinical research and training in a reputable institution;
xi. Must be registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council;
xii. Must have a valid practice license.

Competencies and Skills

i. Empathy and Compassion: Demonstrates genuine care and understanding toward patients and their families. Fosters trust and enhances the overall patient experience.
ii. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Analyzes complex cases, considers multiple factors, and devises innovative solutions. Adapts to unique patient needs and evolving medical challenges.
iii. Ethical Practice and Professional Integrity: Upholds ethical standards, maintaining patient confidentiality and prioritizing patient welfare. Demonstrates honesty and transparency in all interactions.
iv. Teamwork and Collaboration: Works seamlessly within multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with other healthcare professionals.
v. Effective Communication: Clearly communicates complex medical information to patients, colleagues, and families.
vi. Resilience and Adaptability: Navigates high-pressure situations, unexpected outcomes,and evolving medical landscapes. Remains composed, flexible, and committed to patient-centered care.

Duties and Responsibilities
i. Provide leadership to Medical Officers and other staff in the section/unit to ensure quality patient care.
ii. Ensure all staff in the unit/section attend to their duties in strict adherence to the duty rota.
iii. Participate in the strategic planning of the division in collaboration with other medical staff in the unit for significant impact on the performance or business outcome of the hospital and its sub-functions.
iv. Attend to patients’ medical needs, diagnose their illnesses, and prescribe medicines and other therapeutic interventions in consultation rooms at the hospital.
v. Follow-up on and observe the medical condition and progress of patients in the unit.
vi. Provide medical advice, counselling, health education and control measures to patients in the hospital in order to prevent spread of diseases and injuries.
vii. Ensure use of all Hospital’s automated systems, as appropriate, including the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)
viii. Regular update of the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS).
ix. Work with other medical staff to solve single or multiple medical issues and/or participate in performing extensive surgical operations in the Hospital.
x. Implement best practice clinical and patient care related policies and procedures in the outpatient division of the Hospital.
xi. Refer outpatients to the appropriate specialized clinics and medical consultants within the hospital for further diagnosis, treatment, and management of their medical conditions.
xii. Provide quality emergency medical services to patients in the Hospital.