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Vacancy Details

Job No: KTRH/15/05/24 ( 1 position)

Date posted: 09-05-2024

Application deadline: 21-05-2024

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Purpose: Responsible for overseeing and ensuring the security of KTRH through continuous monitoring and protection of facilities, personnel, and information systems. Evaluates suspected security breaches and recommends corrective actions. To train, educate and develop all employees and security officers in all aspects of security and safety.

For Appointment to this position, the applicant must have:

Qualifications and Professional Requirements:

a) At least seven years’ working experience as a security officer in an institution or serving as an Inspector in the National Police Service or a Lieutenant in Kenya Defense Forces.
b) Must have held a supervisory role for at least 3 years
c) Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, Security Management or any Social Sciences from a recognized institution;
d) Master’s degree in Security Management, Business Management or any other relevant qualification from a recognized institution;
e) Diploma level and professional training in security.
f) Member of PROASAK and other security related professional organizations.
g) Knowledge of modern surveillance & vigilance techniques, equipment, and systems.
h) Knowledge of first aid, fire safety measures, firefighting equipment, and alarm systems.
i) Knowledge and understanding of conducting investigations.
j) Certificate of good conduct from the National Police Service;
k) Industry-recognized security certifications will be an added advantage.

Competencies and Skills

i. Deep understanding of security principles, threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies.
ii. Ability to design and implement robust security architectures that align with organizational needs and IT infrastructure.
iii. Ability to build, motivate, and lead a high-performing security team.
iv. Strong understanding of risk assessment methodologies and the ability to identify, analyze, and prioritize security risks.
v. Ability to operate with a high degree of professionalism, confidentiality, ethics, and integrity, and maintains a role-model image.

Duties and Responsibilities

i. Plan for security of human and non-human resources for the security function of the hospital.
ii. Ensure sufficient supply of commodities such as CCTV cameras, alarms, patrol dogs etc, needed in the security function of the hospital.
iii. Ensure that CCTV cameras and alarms are well installed and properly functioning in the designated areas of the hospital.
iv. Manage and supervise staff such as security officers, security guards and alarms and CCTV Operators.
v. Participate in budgeting and management of resources needed at and allocated to the security unit of the hospital.
vi. Develop, implement, and maintain policies, standards and guidelines related to Hospital security.
vii. Responsible for physical protection including asset protection, workplace violence prevention, access control systems, and video surveillance.
viii. Oversee incident response planning as well as the investigation of security breaches and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches as necessary.
ix. Serve as the focal point for security incident response planning and execution.
x. Prepare regular security reports and briefings on security operations, risks, and initiatives.
xi. Leads in development and management of the security budget, allocating resources effectively to meet security objectives and priorities.
xii. To select, train, coach, develop, manage, and supervise security team to meet current and future needs of the Hospital.
xiii. Ensure the Hospital complies with relevant laws and regulations related to security and to ensure that the working environment is safe at all times in accordance with OSHA laws.
xiv. Observe team members in the Hospital, analyze operations and detect situations of concern with regard to both team member and guest behaviors.