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Vacancy Details

Job No: KTRH/22/05/24 ( 3 positions)

Date posted: 09-05-2024

Application deadline: 21-05-2024

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Purpose: The Pharmacist’s job exists to ensure safe and effective medication management within the Hospital by screening prescriptions, dispensing medicines according to standards, educating patients, managing inventory, participating in patient care, and providing medication-related information to healthcare professionals and the public.

For Appointment to this position, the applicant must have:

Qualifications and Professional Requirements:

a) Bachelor of Pharmacy from a recognized institution.
b) Completed one (1) year internship in Pharmacy.
c) Registered with the Pharmacy & Poisons Board.
d) Valid practice license.
e) Experience with an online prescription system is an added advantage.
f) Proficiency in computer applications.
g) Fulfilled the requirement of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

Competencies and Skills

i. Attention to Detail: Pays meticulous attention to detail in medication labeling,
packaging, and documentation, preventing medication errors and ensuring patient safety.
ii. Patient Education: Offers comprehensive medication counseling to patients, explaining proper usage, potential side effects, and adherence strategies to promote optimal therapeutic outcomes and patient safety.
iii. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Collaborates effectively with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to optimize medication therapy, resolve medication related issues, and improve patient care outcomes.
iv. Effective Communication: Communicates clearly and effectively with patients,
healthcare teams, and pharmaceutical suppliers, ensuring accurate transmission of medication information and promoting patient understanding and compliance.
v. High Ethical Practice: Upholds strong ethical standards in pharmacy practice,
maintaining patient confidentiality, respecting autonomy, and adhering to legal and regulatory requirements in medication dispensing and counseling.

Duties and Responsibilities

i. Screening prescriptions for legal validity, drug contraindications, drug interactions, appropriateness of dose, frequency and duration of dosing and patients convenience;
ii. Preparation and dispensing of medicines according to Good Dispensing Practices and educating patients on use of medicines;
iii. Making of extemporaneous preparations; ordering, receiving, storage and issuing of pharmaceuticals;
iv. Making entries into the relevant inventory management records;
v. Participating in ward rounds to identify and advise on medicinal use, gaps and challenges;
vi. Filing and safe custody of patients prescription records;
vii. Responding to requests on medicine information from the general public and health workers;
viii. Adhere to ethical and legal standards in patient care, documentation, and communication;
ix. Monitoring, documenting, and reporting of medication errors; and
x. Preparing and disseminating drug availability lists to various specialist clinics.