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At the advent of devolution and therefore inception of the County Government of Kisii, only two specialists were serving a population of over 1.2 million people in Kisii County. Over the years, the County Government has made deliberate efforts to train healthcare workers in various areas of postgraduate specialization to the tune of 77 specialists, most of whom have reported back and currently offering services.

In the wake of Universal Health Coverage, whose pillars revolve around quality service delivery, affordability of services, and access to services, the County Government is committed to ensuring that there is an enabling environment for the specialists to deliver quality services at all times.

The multi-year Doctor’s Plaza project was conceived and funded 100% by the County Government through a conditional grant.

Model of operation

The Doctors’ Plaza seeks to establish a dedicated outpatient clinic space within the complex for specialists to consult with patients. Diagnostic and inpatient services will continue to be provided at the main hospital.

This move seeks to:

  1. Increase the availability of specialists within the hospital
  2. Increase access to specialized services
  3. Ensure affordability of services that would be costlier in private facilities
  4. Enhance the financial sustainability of the hospital
  5. Increase staff motivation due to the ambient working environment
  6. Increase patient satisfaction experience.

Overview of the Doctors’ Plaza

  1. Basement: Parking
  2. Ground floor: Pharmacy
  3. Remaining floors: consultation rooms
  4. Rooftop: cafeteria